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The rules of compensation payments

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The blog always takes care of its readers. We very carefully selected the projects , but you cannot be 100% sure, in any project. Therefore it creates the risk that could result in loss of Deposit for the blog reader.

That is why we have created this section. By the way, the blog E-Invest.Biz is the first on the market, introduced a concept as the "Compensation of losses in HYIPs". After that ,other blogs began to imitate, changing the name to "contribution protection" or "partial insurance."

this Blog is the only one in the world who has 3 types of compensation:
1. A percentage of your Deposit
2. A percentage of your loss
3. The distribution of cash to all referrals, covering part of the loss. For example, when there is a compensation Fund, but it is not known what loss was suffered by my referrals. It creates such payment and after gathering all information, disclosed the final interest payments.

Blog E-Invest.Biz has a separate Compensation Fund. This Fund is filled from three sources:
1. Monthly Fund transfer of the amount. It is different, depends on the profitability of the blog for a month.
2. From projects of the category "Good choice". Administrators of these projects are required to make a contribution to the Fund.
3. From the sale of advertising space on the blog, such as banners.

In addition, the blog has a Reserve Compensation Fund. It is replenished by 10% of all payments received from the projects for the day. That is, the Fund is replenished daily.

It is important to understand that the Fund was created to compensate for loss in projects marked with "Personal choice".
In the first place the Fund is spent to cover losses in projects with this stamp.
Blog E-Invest.Biz does not guarantee the full coverage of losses!

What projects are included for compensation:
1. If the project is not done 1 lap on the minimum tariff plan.
2. The minimum data plan is not more than 30 days Ц low hyip and mid hyip.
3. If the project is keeper - Minimum round counts as 30 days
4. The minimum data plan is not more than 5 days, Fast Hyip.
5. If the project is labelled "Personal choice" or "Good choice".

Who is entitled to compensation:
1. Only my referrals 1st level
2. The one who has invested in the project with a "Personal choice" or "Good choice"
3. The one who invested at the minimum tariff plan
4. The one who ordered and received Refback. The only way we can be sure after a Scam of a project , that you are our referral and we have received your referral commissions. With the exception of projects where no Refback or tariffs without Refback.
5. One who is given Refback, was a loss on the project.

The amount of compensation:
Minimum payment Ц 10% of your losing the Deposit. If you made 2 Deposit and more, then add up all the deposits that you get a loss.

If the project is labelled "Personal choice" when there is sufficient amounts can be paid increased compensation.
It is impossible to say in advance what will be compensation for some kind of project. There are 3 factors:
1. The amount of deposits that has made my referrals and had to withdraw
2. The amount that was allocated by administrator of the project
3. The availability of funds in the compensation Fund.

What payment system are paid compensation
Compensation paid to any of the 3 payment systems, according to your deposits:
- PerfectMoney
- AdvCash
- Payeer
If your contribution was made in another currency , the currency is converted into dollars on the day of your Deposit. And paid for one of 3 payment systems of your choice.

Eternal compensation Fund
When the administrator of the project allocates an additional contribution to the compensation Fund, this amount is fixed for the project, which is allocated to compensation. Funds are not used for compensation payments for other projects.
For example, the administrator has allocated for the project compensation in the amount of 5 000$. Even if the project will close in 2 years still, those investors who received a loss will receive compensation.
5 000$ will be distributed between these referrals , who got the loss.
If you got the profit over the lifetime of the project, you are not entitled to compensation.

With sufficient amount, and, if the project includes not so many referrals, as an exception, may be paid compensation up to breakeven, and Refback will be your profit.
In exceptional cases, even if the project was 1 round, but my referrals went to reinvest and lost deposits can be paid the minimum compensation.

if not sufficient funds available in the blog, If the fund is empty , the loss of the purses, which is a Fund, there is a risk that compensation will not be paid. It is important to understand that Internet business is risk and for example, loss of access to wallet (and it happens), blog E-Invest.Biz the right to refuse compensation.

The rules of payments
To apply is given one day - 24 hours from the moment of registration news.
That appeared an opportunity to order compensation, you will be notified by mail (if you subscribed to the list)
and in Telegram.

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