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Many resources pay for posting. And OpenInvestments decided to follow this example.

A remarkable event happened in the topic on project today!
1,000th post has been posted in the topic. The post author gained a special bonus from our project - 1000$.

Of course, it's not last promotional campaign of this kind!

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Mera starts open testing of crypto-currency accounts and invites us to participate in this event.

To do this you need

1. Be a registered user.

2. Create a BTC account in the account management menu.

Today, 0.5 BTC will be added to these accounts and they will be available for purchase of the TradeCoin contract.

The test will last 2 weeks, after which the BTC accounts will be reset, and the purchased contracts are deleted.
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Amazing-Flow, following the trends in the development of Internet technologies and the preferences of users of the World Wide Web, has connected an official channel on YouTube to its investment projects.

Now you can subscribe to AMAZING FLOW LIMITED YouTube channel and receive notifications about the new videos of project, staying up to date..

Link to channel: AMAZING FLOW LIMITED YouTube channel
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HBM Cor are expanding the investment opportunities in the crypto currency.

По инвестиционному плану CoinHBM кроме в Bitcoin (BTC), уже доступны инвестиции и в Ethereum (ETH)!

Гибкость платформы и возможность взаимодействия с разными приложениями, оперативное выполнение операций за 20-30 секунд и высокая продуктивность делают эту криптовалюту надежным объектом вложения. В ближайшее время запланировано подключение и других криптовалют.

Features of CoinHBM when investing in Ethereum (ETH):

- yield: from 15% to 17% per month;
-minimum deposit: 0.1 ETH;
- maximum deposit: 100 ETH;
- term of work: 365 days;
- accruals: on working days;
- withdrawal of accrued funds: 1 and 15 of each month.
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Great news for investors of AlpCoin.

Now all withdrawals will be in the Instant mode.

But, the withdrawal of the deposit body will be manual.
And all withdrawal from the balance will come in Instant mode, that is instantly.

The project has worked for 50 hours already and this means that the minimum profit that each investor could receive is as much as +50%.

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In view of the amplifying tendencies of growth of the active investors number in investment program and also considering the general growing of the investments turnover, the management BTC Amazing has made the decision on extension of the electronic payment systems list available to performing of an investment process in program.

Now each investor will be able to use in addition to availabe from the start the electronic payment systems also of Ethereum (ETH), Advanced Cash (RUB) and Advanced Cash (EUR), Payeer (RUB).
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Administration of the project Partisan.Capital congratulates all the beautiful Ladies with Happy Woman's Day!


- 5% bonus for every deposit!
- If deposit more than $500 - bonus is 10%!!!
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As already recently the project BTC-Amazing announced, the first part of the Rewards Campaign from BTC AMAZING Bounty Reward has taken place.

Administration with pleasure and satisfaction want to note the fact that their initiative has been actively supported among users of investment program. Administration have been pleasantly surprised with activity and creativity of participants and it express profound gratitude of all to participants of the Campaign Bounty Reward.

And also it was reported that all first prize-winning money has been paid to participants of the Campaign. So check your balance.
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HBM Cor prepared an excellent news - another update of the investment program!

A new investment plan HBMCoin is already available for investment in the crypto currency!

At the moment, investments are accepted in Bitcoin (BTC) with the subsequent connection of other crypto currency (Etherium). Almost unlimited potential for growth of the bitcoin rate in relation to even the world currencies - the euro and the dollar - makes it possible to make the crypto currency a reliable object of investment.

Features of CoinHBM:

- yield: from 15% to 17% per month;
- minimum deposit: 0.01 BTC;
- maximum deposit: 100 BTC;
- term of work: 365 days;
- accruals: on working days;
- withdrawal of accrued funds: 1 and 15 of each month.
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In the Partisan.Capital great news!

Project have fixed rate 1 BTC = $11 000.

You deposit with this rate, and you withdraw with the same rate. No changes.

You are not influenced by bitcoin ups and downs, just earn the profit you see in our investplans.
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cabinet, change, upline, project, GreenBar, certificate, define, first, Capital, Partisan, click,

Now in Partisan.Capital you can set or change your upline in your cabinet.

You can see your upline name at the first page of your cabinet.

If you want to change it - just click 'Change' and define a new name.

And from now the project have GreenBar SSL certificate!

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In the Jazzle new updates!

Now, without leaving your Personal Account, you can create new deposits in just a few seconds, immediately investing the money you have accrued, without wasting time on their withdrawal and input.

When you click the "Reinvestment" button in the Personal Account, you need to select any of the investment plans.
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In the BTC-Amazing great news!

In connection with the continuation of short-term contracts, the one-day plan is again available.

Hurry up to take the opportunity !
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In the Times-X added a new opportunity for investment!

Now you can deposit and withdraw funds using the popular electronic payments system QIWI!
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version, available, Vietnamese, reached, horizons, intend, extends

HBM Cor extends the horizons and does not intend to stop on at reached!

From now the new Vietnamese version of the site is available!!
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