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New Year Bonus - New EPS and Bonus

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јдминистраци€ проекта New Year Bonus announced a bonus on December 29, 2017.
Today is the day of rescuers and that's what they tell us:
December 29, 1709, the Russian Empress Elizabeth Petrovna was born, the daughter of Peter the Great. But it was she who gave impetus to the development of heavy industry, and also initiated the development of the banking system. There would be no banks, there would be no MMM, there would not be Hyip projects. A chain of good lines. And in general, all of her reign had a very positive impact on the development of the Russian Empire.

In honor of such a date, we give a bonus of + 1% for each of your new deposits. You can withdraw the bonus at any time in Instant mode.
Also today we added new payment systems Advanced Cash and Payeer.
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