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SpinWin - Updates

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SpinWin wish you a very Happy New Year and improved platform for another update!

Statistics were added on the main page of the website, it includes data on the last won 10 upgrades, TOP users who most often roll the wheel, the previous Jackpot winner and the date of the next Jackpot.

It have completed the testing of the referral program and now the upgrade "+1 Referral Level" is available for the win. Also, actions were taken to improve and optimize the SWA algorithm, the system works perfectly and without any complaints!

Also, a bug was fixed with the display of upgrades in the transaction history after the upgrade payment system was changed. Upgrade "Change of payment system" is again available for winnings!

The script of the program has also been improved, now we can definitely say that all deposits made during the beta test will be transferred to an increased guaranteed income from 0.5% to 1% after the beta test is over.
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