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Cryptonus - First 10 rounds

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The first 10 hours of the Cryptonus were completed, Each investor could receive +10% of the net profit.
Well, or +3.5% (with RCB), if your deposit was on the tariff - Piggy Bank.

At the time of writing this post, all applications for withdrawal have been completed, which means that many have recivied a fast and excellent profit.
my referrals were invested more than 11 400$.

And now, most likely, many people have a question. And what to do next? Personally, I do not have such questions.
I make a new deposit into the project! I'm increasing activity!

After all, now start the active part of development Cryptonus. TThe administrator paid interest, and now there will be new deposits, new investors, who yesterday had already slept and missed the project.
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