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Not Advise, Mid Hyip overview, hyip, withdrawal, deposit, investments, overview, RCB, hyip, rcb

Overview to the project by Denis

Start: 12.05.2017
Status overview, hyip, withdrawal, deposit, investments, overview, RCB, hyip, rcb
Another project, which is very smoothly and quietly started, while using partisan design and site technology. My colleague, a blogger, advised him, so I looked more closely. I did not notice any movement in the advertisement,. But I liked the communication with the project administrator overview, hyip, withdrawal, deposit, investments, overview, RCB, hyip, rcb

From the start, the project does not buy advertising, it moves smoothly, at the same time it conducts all necessary measures to make the investor feel comfortable. Very soon we will be able to see a video report on trade, directly from the Personal Cabinet to the trading platform where the trader trades. According to the legend, the project is engaged in the trade of crypto-currencies, with a lot of attention being paid to AltCoin, from here and the name of the project. The project's traders believe that this crypto currency will achieve great success.

The administration is not going to buy advertising, basically they will prove to investors their real trading on the stock exchange. I know about the existence of network leaders who will move the project.

Project Marketing

The project uses only one tariff plan, for 1 calendar year
Percentage: variable
Profit: 30% for a mounth
Charges: ~1% per day
Minimum: 10$
Maximum: Unlimit

Withdrawal: Manual, delay up to 48 hours
Minimal Withdrawal: 1$
Payment systems: PerfectMoney, AdvCash
Referral programm 12% - 3% of profit of your referrals
I pay excellent 70% RCB for the Alt-Trade (3.6% of your deposit)
Also 50% RCB 2nd level (1.5% of the deposit of your referral)

R—B is paid from the calculation of the profit of 30% per month. Since the referral is from profit , and R—B is paid immediately, then for me there are certain risks. I overlap these risks with this calculation method. I I recalculate 100% referrals for 1 month, with a referral profit of 30%.

Technical side
The project has a license script H-Script
Unique, but simple design
ƒдос protection
SSL by Comodo

The list of forums and the same monitoring you can see on View

You can conduct a full analysis and dynamics of deposits to the project at View

Chart for the period: 2020-05-24-2020-06-03
Total invested: 0$
Total referrals: 0 peoples
Rebuild chart:

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My deposit overview, hyip, withdrawal, deposit, investments, overview, RCB, hyip, rcb

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