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Not Advise overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip

Overview the project by Denis

Start: 19.01.2017
Status overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip
The project is by my Personal Choice with my personal Deposit!
Excellent preparation from the start, the quality of the project at a high level, this is the first giant in 2017. Doumental base, video, administration of the project and its filling at a very high level. Go to
channel YouTube, and see it.
If you go to your Personal Cabinet, you can find Insurance section. Because deposits are insured. overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip

When you make a contribution, you can choose the tariff with the registration of the pledge, that is, you invest and your money is insured by the pledge. But you can own to invest in the project and to contribute on a voluntary basis, 5% of the Deposit, the funds will go to the project as a contribution to the insurance Fund.

Go to "Events", there you will find a list of upcoming events . Also, on this page you can find and already completed events. Every investor can earn at these events ! You can conduct online webinars or offline presentations official and get paid for it. For example, for a webinar - from$ 50 to$ 200. For offline conference - from 200$ to 500$.
Here for example is one of them - The first event.

Tariff plans

For investors there are two options of investing for a period of 400 days - working Deposit, or limited tariff plan for 15 days.
Work rates are used to:
- Microloans to individuals (Luxury)
- Loans to small and medium businesses (Prime)
- Financing on bail (President)
The higher your Deposit, the greater interest you will accrue. The Deposit is included in payments, and reduce the risks of investing in the project.
The percentage (0.8% * 400 days = 320% - 100% = 220% / 400 = 0.55% per day, or 16.5% in a month) overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip

As the project has short rates, funds from investors in this tariff, go for urgent loans. Investments in this type of deposits is limited. And are only used for test work in the project.
At such rates Refback is not paid overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip

Withdrawal: All payments must be ordered on Fridays. Time output up to 72 hours
Payment systems: Perfectmoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, NixMoney, OkPay, Qiwi
Minimum withdraw : 1$ ot 60 RUB
Commission for EPS: 0.5%
Banks: Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB24, Russian standart, GenBank, WORLD, Privat, Tinkoff
Minimum withdraw for banks: 500 rub
Commission for banks: 2%, but not less than 50 rub

Referral programm: 3% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.5% - 0.5% from the Deposit of referral
And: 3% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.5% - 0.5% from the profit of referral
Here is the general table of referral reward overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip

There is 100% Refback (3% from your deposit)
There is 50% Refback from 2nd level (0.5% from deposit of your referral)
Important! For tariff "light". Refback is not paid!

For active investors pay bonuses, in rubles. These bonuses can then be used for purchases in the online store - Cashbery Store. The Internet store will be available around the beginning of March 2017.
1) Register on the website - 120 RUB.
2) Video about the project - 500 RUB. (not more than 2 per month)
3) Text feedback on the site - 12 RUB.
4) personal data Filling - 40 RUB.
5) Share news - 10 RUB.
6) Share calculation, withdrawals, creation of investment - 10 RUB.
7) For attracting investment referral - 40 RUB..

The technical side
The project is written in its own script, With many functions in the Personal Cabinet
Website design - unique.
Project domain purchased for 10 years, until 2026!
Protects the project from Ddos attacks by CloudFlare
SSl by Comodo. The certificate purchased in November 2016.
The project has GreenBar overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip

Full list of forums for the project and for more information you can see on the service View

Chart for the period: 2018-12-08-2018-12-18
Total invested: 0$
Total referrals: 0 peoples
Rebuild chart:

Contacts overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip

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My Deposit overview, review, hyip, investments, RCB, withdrawal, hyip

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