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Greetings to you visitor! Welcome to the blog about earnings on the Internet!

This welcome letter because the blog started to operate recently, on 25 March 2017

Before that time, there was a lot of preparation for its launch. But this does not mean that we are new to the world of investment. is a subsidiary of such a giant in the CIS, like E-Invest.Biz.

The first investment projects on the Internet appeared in the CIS around the beginning of the 2000s. Such projects received great popularity around 2004 and were called HYIP - High Yield Investment Program.
In 2014, investors from Asia and Europe began to connecting. And in 2016, the presence of Asian investors has become simply huge. Investments through the Internet have become popular in countries such as India, Japan, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Germany and in several other European countries.
To expand the blog of E-Invest.Biz, it was decided to create an English-language version of the blog for foreign investors. But we did not want to create just a copy of the blog. You will see a difference in the number of projects, in the news on projects, the absence of some sections.

Blog E-Invest.Biz is the most unique service in the world, it has no analogues - this is our main credo. The blog has been working since 2010 and I, Denis Karimov, as its creator, I personally select projects / companies. The blog contains high quality and long-running projects. But for a foreign audience, for you, I want to do more and better. Therefore, all projects on the blog En-Invest.Com has double selection
On the blog will be only the best of the best..

For consultations, my contacts are available to you, and contacts of my official translator, his name is Andrey and he is fluent in English. I can communicate through a Google translator. Therefore, we will not have a language barrier.
My personal contacts:
Telegram: @EInvest
E-mail: [email protected]

Translator Contacts:
Skype: happyme884
Telegram: @repsesenter
E-mail: [email protected]

In total, 6 people work in our team: Administrator (IТam), Translator, Operator (makes payments of RCB and Compensations), Copywriter, SEO specialist, Programmer.
We have a big and friendly team that helps the development of the blog. If the blog has a development, then our readers have a profit.

Blog En-Invest.Com has many sections, a lot of information. Therefore, to learn the blog as soon as possible and understand what you can get, I recommend to study the blog.

You will learn sections of the blog, blog features, such as RCB, compensations, project categories.

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